Art & Philosophy of the Spirit – lecture dates 2014


Tuesdays  4 Feb –11 Feb – 18 Feb –  25 Feb 2014

Tuesdays 11 July –  8 July –  15 July –  22 July 2014

TIME 6:30pm –  08:30pm. (4 lectures)

VENUE: Centre for Continuing Education, Sydney University.

ADDRESS: 160 Missenden Road, Newtown.

The visual arts have been used throughout history to describe spiritual practices and philosophies, and an intriguing consistency emerges in the history of spiritual art from different cultures. By definition ‘spirit’ transcends culture, gender, age. This is a groundbreaking course, showing the development of spiritual philosophies through the language of art, in the context of our 21st century global culture.

new book – published December 2013

I am delighted to report that Routledge / Taylor & Francis Books in New York is publishing a volume based on my thesis research. Title: “Spiritual Art & Art Education” . It is part of the Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies Series. Release date in the USA December 2013 – in the UK January 2014.

Copies may be ordered/purchased at: